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City & County of San Francisco Participatory Budgeting

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Beautification and Open Space

Installation of flower baskets and lights on trees and light poles in Mendell Plaza

Installation of lights along buildings on Egbert Avenue between Third and Jennings Street to highlight murals and provide better visibility

Partial funding for a new public recreation and open space project at the Enola Maxwell Campus in the Potrero Hill neighborhood, including a playground, picnic are, community garden, sand beach, and bicycle learn to ride area. (Release of this funding is pending matching funds being fundraised by community.)

Painting and installation of mural on the tunnel under Highway 101, between Little Hollywood and Executive Park

Creation of a gardening program with a special focus on mosaic art planters for residents in the Hunters Point Community. Funding will support a horticulture specialist, planter boxes, mosaic art supplies and gardening supplies.

Funding to support beautification of vacant storefronts in the District, including art supplies.

Painting and installation of a 'multicultural and historic-themed' mural on the outside wall of 66 Raymond Avenue Community Center.

Creation and installation of a Garden Resource Center in the Sunnydale neighborhood. The center will include garden tools, education resources and materials to support the network of backyard gardeners in the community.

Creation of Pickelball courts in McLaren Park by relining a tennis court for this purpose.

Transportation/Pedestrian Safety

Installation of ladder style crosswalk markings Cesar Chavez and 3rd Street to enhance pedestrian safety and access.

Education and Youth

Creation of a tech training program for young adults focused technology skills, and includes instruction by designers, software engineers, and entrepreneurs.

16-week training program for youth to learn about government infrastructure, city programs responsible for public safety, community health, and local policies and upcoming initiatives impacting their communities.

Funding to support field trips for at-risk youth and families in the Sunnydaly neighborhood. Field trips will have a focus on health and violence prevention. Funding would support transportation, admission fees, activity supplies and food.

Grant to support and expand existing community gardening and nutrition programs for youth in the Bayview neighborhood

Youth environment and education program focused on growing food, healthy living and the environment in the Visitacion Valley neighborhood

Funding for 40 El Dorado students to participate in the Carnaval Parade, including the hiring of professional drummers and choreographers to work with students on program and performance

Funding to support a youth multicultural and music program at 66 Raymond Avenue Community Center, with a final celebration and performance to showcase program.

Neighborhood and Community Services

Facilitation of Fire Safety Education and Awareness Program for artists in response to Ghost Ship warehouse fire. Campaign will include workshops and possible assistance to provide safety equipment and upgrades.

Installation of four security cameras for the north and south stretch of Executive Park Blvd

Facilitation of five outdoor movie nights at parks across District 10

Facilitation of multilingual CPR Training and Education program to cerify residents in CPR and conduct a series of workshops and seminars focused on heart-related illnesses and prevention.

Facilitating a day of action focused on building residency and increasing disaster preparedness in a neighborhood by: 1) Conducting repairs and modifications, 2) Hosting a resource fair and block party to share information about home safety and disaster preparedness.

Installation of audio and video equipment system residents at 66 Raymond Avenue, to be used for educational and entertainment purposes.

Facilitation of 12 healing circles for residents who have suffered from the impacts of violence in the neighborhood. This funding would support qualified facilitators and coordination with the District Attorney's Victims Services.

Purchase of basic emergency preparedness equipment for four NERT service areas and Staging Area in the Bayview community to be activated during a disaster. Equipment will include medic tents and bathrooms, radios, and lanterns.

Creation and facilitation of a street festival focused on jazz music and food

Creation and funding support for a resident driven committee in Huntersview public housing that engages community events, field trips and learning experiences for all residents. These components are focuses on culture, parks, and recreation, employment and exercise

Funding towards a community van that would be used to deliver food, supplies to individuals who are elderly, critically ill, disabled, or otherwise unable to access transportation. The van would serve community members and nonprofit organizations operating in/serving public housing residents in the district. (Release of this funding is pending matching funds being fundraised by community.)